Truth about Sykes-Picot and Sèvres: Back to the original sources

Do not be mislead, if you want to know the truth about Sykes Picot and Sèvres, go back to the original sources, as follows:
The text of the Sykes-Picot Treaty was first published by The Manchester Guardian, January 8, 1920, and was reprinted in Current History The New York Times Magazine, Volume XI (1920), pp. 339-341.

Current History,12; Apr-Sep 1920: Dismemberment of the Turkish Empire. Terms of the Final Peace Treaty of the World War — Effects on the Map of Asia Minor; p. 445.
Or S.E. Al Djazairi: Decisive Victories, especially Chapter 5 forward, available at MSBN Books 2015-2016.
Or S.E. Al Djazairi: The Long War; MSBN Books; 2015-2016; Chapters 4–5.

DVGSD Book cover  The Long War Cover 10 Feb 2015