MSBN Books

MSBN Books aim to offer the reading audience works dealing with history from a new perspective in both form and substance.
The books are meant to be accessible to a large audience in matters of style and avoidance of excessive pedantic practices of today, which tend to focus on the trivial and forgetting the essential — intelligible text that makes sense.
However, whilst easier in terms of reach, MSBN Books do not compromise on the scholarly side and abide by strict academic rules in terms of credibility, that is with an extensive use of references and sources.

Historical knowledge cannot be advanced in any subject without a basic recourse to a geographical element: maps. A map can show in a brief glimpse what the lengthiest chapters of text cannot do. Illustrations, likewise, not only offer to do that as well — revealing what no amount of text can do — they can also provide the visual element that at once can rest the eyes, entertain, and most certainly move or rouse feelings as to the horrors of war as nothings else can. MSBN Books therefore make a generous use of both.

The books also intend to approach any historical issue of major repercussion from a diversity of opposing sources. Historical truth cannot be ascertained by reliance on the works of one side or one culture at the expense of another.
Finally here, and still in relation to the subject of history, MSBN Books are convinced that whilst reliance on old (say medieval) primary sources can be much hindered by the difficult access to such sources, when it comes to subjects or historical events of the 19th and 20th century, which are so rich with easily accessible primary sources, reliance on secondary sources is a fundamental error which MSBN Books do their utmost to avoid making.