The Golden Age and Decline of Islamic Civilisation

Volume 1

This is volume one of the re-edited Golden Age and Decline of Islamic Civilisation by the same author. The new edition is much larger than the first, and has been split into 3 volumes. The first volume presents an overview of Islamic civilisation with the focus on industry, trade, the urban system, gardens, learning, and libraries. Throughout, the work contrasts the reality and brilliance of medieval Islamic civilisation with the manner scholarship has, as a rule, misrepresented it.

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Volume 2

This volume deals with Islamic sciences. It shows that although Muslims borrowed from other civilisations, including the Hindu, the Greek, and above all the Chinese, their sciences were far ahead of those taken from these civilisations. The Christian West would have never experienced its revival had it borrowed from such civilisations directly, and therefore owes its renaissance to Islamic sciences. This volume, most especially, also shows, that whilst Muslims borrowed from other cultures, the real foundation of their scientific accomplishments, just as other aspects of Islamic civilisation, was the faith, Islam.

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