The Crusades

Volume 1

The first volume of the second edition of The Crusades looks at the first half (1095-1193) of the crusades (1095-1291). It begins with an overall outline of the present narrative of the subject (by Western authors principally). It then explains the main reasons for the crusades. Following this, the book chronicles events on the ground over the period cited. The work relies on both Muslim and Christian sources, old and new, primary and secondary. There are also two maps and pictures by the great 19th century French artist: Gustave Dore.

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Volume 2

This volume deals with the second century of crusading (1193-1291). It looks at the crusade-first Mongol invasions (1219-1221) of the Muslim world taking place in the midst of Ayyubid civil wars. Following that, the work focusses on the rise of the Mamluks and Baybars (sultan 1260-1277) in the wake of the ‘seventh’ crusade (1248-1250) and the Battle of Al-Mansurah (1250). The Mongol devastation of the Caliphate, the Crusader-Mongol Alliance, and the final removal of the crusaders from the Holy Land in 1291 are looked at in great detail. An extensive bibliography is offered to those wishing to delve longer into the subject.

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