The Great Turks

Great Turks Cover 31 Jan 2015

The Great Turks charts the military and other accomplishments by men of Turkish origins during the Crusades (1095-1291), in Medieval India, during the great Ottoman apogee, and finally looks at the role of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Amongst these figures, some are very well known, Othman, Mehmet II, and Suleyman, for instance. Others, such as Zangi and Baybars, are much less known. Hardly anyone is aware, on the other hand, that the Turkish dynasties and their capable leaders, such as Mohammed Ghuri or Balban, played a definite role in the greatness of Muslim India.

This is the first work which looks at the decisive role, whether military or in state building, played by these and other Great Turks on three continents.

The book include a great variety of maps and pictures.

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 About the Author

Dr Salah Eddine Al-Djazairi lectured and researched at the University of Constantine in Algeria for more than ten years. He also tutored at the Department of Geography of the University of Manchester, and worked as a research assistant at UMIST (Manchester) in the field of History of Science.
He has published many academic works. Publications in scientific journals include papers on environmental degradation and desertification as well as papers on politics and change in North Africa, and problems of economic and social development. He has also contributed historical entries to various encyclopaedias such as the Columbia Gazetteer, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Francophone Studies, and the Oxford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, Science and Technology in Islam. The largest written contribution by the author has been on the subject of Muslim science and civilisation.

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